Joni Cheng

Joni Cheng ’19

Master of Arts in Theology and Christian Ministry

Joni Cheng first heard about Franciscan University’s Master of Arts in Theology and Christian Ministry while volunteering in her home Diocese of Hong Kong. After research, thorough personal discernment, and conversations with friends in the program, Joni decided to bolster her ministry with a master’s degree.

“I realized that I needed to build a wider and more solid foundation in order to pass on our faith and morals,” Joni says.

From 2017 to 2019, she completed her master’s degree online while serving in her diocese, including launching a Regnum Christi apostolate and contributing to Macao’s Catholic weekly, O Clarim.

“The online program offered me a flexible schedule to complete each class and the entire program in ample time.”

Within a year after graduation, Joni began working full-time as the director of the Macao Catholic Culture Association. There, Joni promotes Catholic culture, supports the preservation of Catholic architecture and cultural relics, and organizes Catholic cultural events within the diocese. Combining her knowledge from the online master degree program with her previous experience in sales and marketing, Joni uses her talents to serve at the Diocese of Macao, which was established 400-plus years ago.

“Macao has over four centuries of religious history and customs that are not only an important cultural heritage, but they contribute greatly to the local communities,” says Joni. “This program has built a wider and more solid foundation, which is very useful for my current role, especially in promoting the Catholic culture.”

Joni also serves as the commission member for the Macao Diocesan Commission of Life and the Diocesan Commission of Social Communications.

“Franciscan’s program not only provided me with a solid foundation in theological knowledge, it was also a spiritual journey for me as I reflected on what I learned in the different classes and my own vocation and mission for the Church and her people.”

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