AA Philosophy Online Program Overview

The First Step to Your Future

A Degree With Purpose

  • Do you want to grow in your understanding of God and man, right and wrong, knowledge and freedom, and those challenging ideas that fundamentally shaped Western Civilization?
  • Do you want to obtain a secure foundation upon which to build a deeper knowledge of the faith or the world?
  • Do you want to train your mind to see the world clearly and think through problems systematically?
  • Do you want to prepare for a life in the priesthood, equipping yourself with the philosophy and liberal arts foundation suggested by the USCCB for soon-to-be-seminarians?
  • Do you want to receive an education that will equip you for a lifetime of success in any number of fields?

Then an Associate of Arts in Philosophy from Franciscan University Online is for you.

For decades, Franciscan University has been welcoming students from around the world to its campus in Steubenville, Ohio, offering them an academically rich education and life-changing personal and intellectual formation.

Now, with the Online Associate of Arts in Philosophy degree, we’re bringing that same Franciscan education and formation, with the same world-class professors, to you, wherever God has you.

Whether you’re a high school student wanting to get a head start on college, a non-traditional student hoping to eventually study on campus, Franciscan Online puts an AA degree within your reach. Seminary rectors are welcome to explore with us our online philosophy courses as an affordable and dependable way to provide the important pre-theologate academic formation for seminarians.

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An AA in Philosophy from Franciscan University is:

The AA in Philosophy Program is fully online. That means you can complete all 60 credit hours on your own schedule, at your own pace, and from your own home. Classes are offered in the spring, summer, and fall, with the option of taking classes one at a time or taking multiple courses concurrently.

At just $600 per credit hour, tuition is affordably priced, and financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Whether you choose to take just one course through the online AA program or complete the entire degree program, all credits earned through Franciscan University Online are 100 percent transferable to our on-campus programs. This means that the work you put into an associate degree from Franciscan University Online today is guaranteed to count toward a bachelor’s degree from Franciscan University tomorrow.

Philosophy studies the thought of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known. It also provides a lesson in problem solving, critical evaluation, clarity and depth of thought, and persuasive argumentation. This is one reason why philosophy majors outscore students from all other humanities majors on the GRE and LSAT. It’s also one reason so many employers seek out philosophy majors, knowing their rigorous intellectual training makes them valuable in many different fields. Whether your future includes a career in business, journalism, law, education, public service, or the Church, a degree in philosophy can help you get there.

Where Can You Go From Here?

An AA in Philosophy can take you almost anywhere you want to go. Whether you continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree in philosophy or choose to major in another subject such as theology, business, or political science, beginning your studies with a concentration in philosophy will give you a competitive edge in the classroom and in life.

Additionally, we’ve designed our online program to meet the needs of those young men who are called to the priesthood, designing our program around philosophy and liberal arts classes specifically recommended by the USCCB in their Program of Priestly Formation.

Our AA in Philosophy serves as a great foundation for the intellectual formation of future priests, but it is equally grounding for those going into fields such:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Public Service
  • Theology
  • Mathematics

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Program Admissions

There are three pathways to admission:

  1. College Transfer: Complete the application & submit college transcripts if you earned over 24 semester credits.
  2. Traditional Entry: Complete the application and submit High School transcripts with 2.4 GPA or better, as well as submit ACT scores of 21 or SAT scores of 1000 (Critical Reading & Math Only).
  3. Non-Traditional Entry: Complete the application and submit High School transcripts with 2.4 or better. Take two classes online with Franciscan with no option for financial aid, and earn a 2.0 or better. Once completed, full admission is granted and the ACT/SAT is waived.

Associated Costs

The costs associated with AA in Philosophy program include:

  • $600 per credit hour
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Alumni Profiles
Beyond the Classroom
Quaestiones Disputatae

Sponsored and produced by Franciscan University’s graduate philosophy department, Quaestiones Disputatae is a forum for philosophers to discuss and share their work. The journal addresses significant questions and topics of contemporary philosophic interest, particularly from a Catholic perspective, in the spirit of the medieval “disputed question”.

Philosophy Conferences
Center for Bioethics

The struggle between an emerging culture of death and the culture of life has intensified in the last few decades. Bio-medical technological breakthroughs have made possible what was previously only theoretical, forcing us to confront in more depth questions about human life and dignity.

Academic Excellence

Formation for Med School

Department Faculty

Dr. Javier Carreño

Austria Faculty Chair

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Dr. John Crosby

Dr. John F. Crosby

Professor Emeritus

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Dr. Brandon Dahm

Dr. Brandon Dahm

Associate Professor

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Dr. Logan Paul Gage

Associate Professor
Department Chair

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Dr. James Harold

Dr. James Harold

Professor Emeritus

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Dr. Michael J. Healy


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Dr. Patrick Lee


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Dr. Robert McNamara

Dr. Robert McNamara

Associate Professor

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Dr. Alex Plato

Associate Professor

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Dr. Rashad Rehman

Dr. Rashad Rehman

Assistant Professor

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